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Intellactive Media's mission is to create original content based on knowledge and learning, then publish it on the appropriate media to share it and make it accessible to all. This content can take a variety of forms (editorial, interactive, multimedia, playful) and use a variety of communications channels (web, app, social media, transmedia, print).

The company is committed to making learning accessible and engaging for all, drawing on teams of experts and passionate content creators who work closely together to develop innovative educational projects. Each project is designed with an eye to adapting content to different audiences, guaranteeing a personalized and effective learning experience.

For Intellactive Media, the aim is not only to inform, but also to inspire and motivate us to discover and explore the world around us.

Discover the world.
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Quiz Me Games is a collaborative quiz platform, accessible free of charge online and via an Android mobile app. Whether you're a general knowledge enthusiast, a specialist in specific subjects or simply curious, Quiz Me Games lets you discover, create and take part in a multitude of entertaining quizzes.

For quiz authors, joining our community is an opportunity to share their knowledge and passion with a curious public.

For players, Quiz Me Games transforms each quiz into a stimulating adventure where they can test their knowledge and speed. What's more, an impressive array of statistics makes it easy to track their progress and compare their results with those of the community.

At the crossroads of curiosity.

These upcoming projects emphasize diversity and interactivity, while encouraging personal and collective discovery..

MicroDNA : A game that invites aspiring scientists and science enthusiasts to explore the fascinating world of genetics.

Timeplayer : This interactive platform, combining elements of gaming, education and forecasting, will enable users to learn more about the past, understand the present and think about the future.

Tunnel : Historical adventure game where players must navigate through time and space to identify the great historical figures and key events that have shaped our world.

Aerodrone 360 : Collaborative platform dedicated to sharing panoramic images captured by drones. Designed for aerial photography enthusiasts and industry professionals, it will enable users to upload, view and share breathtaking 360-degree views of landscapes, cities and remarkable sites.